King’s isn’t just a college, it’s a community

Next to academic excellence, community is the most unique and transformative aspect of the King’s College experience because we believe your success depends on more than your accomplishments in the classroom. Students from across the country, of all backgrounds and faiths, benefit from education focused on both the mind and the heart.

So, what does it mean when community is at the heart of education?

Engaged mentorship means personalized attention from faculty who are genuinely interested in your success. They will guide you on your journey, supporting your academic efforts and finding the right classes, activities, and internships that are both life-enriching and skill building. You’ll find encouragement and support everywhere on campus.

Service learning and our core curriculum will make you not only a well-rounded and competitive candidate in job interviews but also an agent for change, serving the common good. Our graduates get hired and command strong starting salaries!

Our strong scholarship program is made possible by generous alumni and donors who have experienced the transformational spirit of the College. Because of their support, a King’s College degree is affordable for those seeking a world-class education.


King’s College is committed to equal opportunity in the admission of students, the administration of educational programs, and activities for employees and applicants for employment, without discrimination based on race, national, or ethnic origin, religion, gender, gender identity, marital status, sexual orientation, age, or disability, in accordance with applicable laws.