Students use the words 'friendly' and 'welcoming' to describe King's. You'll feel it as soon as you walk on campus - people will say hello, strangers will offer you directions and you'll feel right at home. It has to do in part with our size. We're small enough that you can walk from your dorm to your class in less than five minutes. Our campus is attractive, safe and self-contained - so whether you're a resident or a commuter, you'll feel a strong sense of community.

We encourage students to get involved in activities both on and off campus - participate in student government, join an academic club, or take advantage of volunteer opportunities. Our sports are nationally ranked - whether as a player or a fan, you'll want to be a part of their spirit and success!

If you don't have a car, don't worry. Our on-campus resources provide you what you need for campus living - athletic facilities for working out, a library for research and studying and our bookstore for supplies, clothing and basic sundries. If it's not right here, we have several shopping centers only minutes away.