The CARE Team & How to Use Them

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Faculty and staff members of the King’s College community are dedicated to the safety and health of the students. The CARE Team is here to aid faculty and staff with identifying and assisting students in need of help. Preemptively providing support to students may prevent an emergency or crisis later.

In the case of a crisis or emergency, please call 911 or Office of Campus Safety and Security at (570)-208-5900.  The CARE Team does not handle crisis or emergency situations, discipline, or routine classroom behavior management.

Behaviors of Concern

The CARE Team is equipped to handle academic, personal/emotional, and psychological/behavioral concerns. Behaviors, events, or observations falling under those categories could be indicators of more significant issues impacting a student. Faculty and staff members can submit referrals to CARE for a mental health, academic, or student conduct reason.

Referring a student to the CARE team is not a violation of FERPA, as you are reporting observable behaviors and information.  However, due to FERPA, we may be unable to provide you with information as to the resolution of any referral you submit.

Examples of Concerns are in-class misconduct, coursework detailing harm, bullying, loss of family/friend, depression and/or anxiety, thoughts of self-harm, suspected alcohol and/or drug abuse, etc.

How to Report a Concern to the Care Team

If you notice any of the above-listed behaviors, events, or observations in a student, please submit a report to the King’s CARE Team using the procedures detailed on this page. You may also reach out to the Counseling Center, the Office of Campus Safety and Security or 911 in cases of emergency.

Care Team referral can be made by completing the online report.  The report will go directly to the Care Team Members.

If you have any difficulty filing online, you can file by email:

When reporting, the following information is needed:

  • Name of the student of concern
  • The student’s specific behavior(s) including date, time, and location
  •  Your name and contact information

CARE Team Membership

Tina Arendash, Director of the Counseling Center
Megan Casey, Associate Vice President for Student Affairs and Dean of Students
Phone: 570-208-5856
John Kratz, Director of Academic Advisement
Phone: 570-208-5872